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Trimble tells stories from around the world. Folktales, legends, stories from various cultures, and original stories are brought to life using music, dynamic physical movement, historical figures/characters, and appropriate props for children of all ages.  Seasonal and holiday stories are also a part of his large repertoire

Storytelling to encourage reading and the study of history.


Trimble uses stories to teach good choices. Children learn valuable moral lessons in a fun, non-preachy fashion.  They also learn about history and a wide range of cultural traditions. 

Storytelling to present character lessons.


Stories may be geared to fit specific curricular or classroom objectives, and presentations may be modified to particular age groups from K to 12.  The value of reading is stressed in all presentations.

Storytelling customized to K-12 curriculum and learning objectives.
  • Wide range of cultural stories from around the world

  • Original stories

  • Classic stories

  • Holiday or Occasion-specific stories

Stories from Around the World

  • Frederick Douglass

  • The Pullman Car Porter

  • Other historic figures

Historical Characters

  • Encouraging students to read.

  • Emphasizing being a good community member.

  • Celebrating the importance of education.

Motivational Speaking

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